The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a pilot program to assess a new process for employers seeking to hire certain workers through employment-based visa categories.

The program will be designed to make adjudications more efficient and less costly and also to reduce paperwork and delays for both the department and U.S. employers who seek to employ foreign workers by:

  • Reducing the amount of paperwork filed by employers and retained by USCIS

  • Encouraging the stability in the settlement of employment-based petitions and applications.

  • Restructuring the adjudicative process to achieve greater efficiency within USCIS

  • Providing greater support to CBP and DOS in support of greater efficiency and consistency at ports of entry and consular posts.

Under the Known Employer pilot, up to nine preselected employers will file applications requesting that USCIS predetermine that they meet certain requirements relating to certain immigrant and nonimmigrant visa classifications. Employers will create a profile in the Web-based Known Employer Document Library (KEDL), and upload documents relating to the requirements, when making this request.

USCIS officers will review and decide whether a prospective employer has met certain requirements relating to the visa classifications, and if USCIS approves the employer’s predetermination request, the employer may then file petitions or applications for individual employees without needing to resubmit company information with each petition or application. No additional fee is charged to participate in this program.

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